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Shared Universe

Shared Universe Ventures Ltd, is a listed investment fund which has as its sole purpose to fund and operate the Mapesu Private Game Reserve Pty. Ltd. in the Limpopo Valley in South Africa.  The reserve is part of the Limpopo Valley Conservancy and borders with the Mapungubwe National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


We are working on the creation of a conservancy for endangered species, with special focus on rhinos, all within their original habitat. We intend to reintroduce breeding groups of rhinos to live and procreate in relative safety.


As protecting, preserving and breeding rhinos is a relatively expensive proposition we intend to create a number of commercial activities around it to generate sufficient funding that will make the overall project sustainable and commercially viable.

These include educational projects such as the Nature Academy, veterinarian projects and commercial animal breeding projects. Visit our website and/or ask for our brochure for more in-depth information about these projects Shared Universe Ventures  

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By organizing uplifting and social study projects (inviting well-known Vietnamese and Chinese scientists to study rhinos) the aim is to increase the knowledge of rhinos, both locally as well as internationally, and demystify the perceived medicinal value of its horn.


South Africa’s rhino population has become devastatingly low over a short period of time due to the massive rise in rhino horn poaching and their numbers are rapidly declining.


It is highly unlikely that poaching will ever be eradicated on the African continent and one can safely presume that rhino poaching in particular will continue until the last rhino is slaughtered.


The facts are clear; we can’t stay in denial; as this conservation disaster continues to unfold rhinos will face imminent extinction.

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