Interested persons, companies or sponsors can contribute towards both the Race Against Time, Rhino Orphanage, and Rhino Ambulance by various means such as donation, sponsoring, giving of needed items for any one of the the projects. 

Contact us for more details or check out the Ammado donation payment system.


We form a part of the Shared Universe Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has various projects started such as rhino orphanage, a research, education and conservation center, and the first rhino ambulance which all are being currently being formed.


In order to accomplish these projects we aim to raise 3.5 million SA Rand for the development as well as 550.000 SA Rand for the race from South Africa to the United Kingdom.

If you’d like to donate to our cause, please click here to either make a one time donation or enroll in our monthly donation option or bank transfer details below.


Shared Universe Foundation Trust
Nedbank Bank
Acct: 111 808 5043
Branch code: 198765
International transfers swift code: NEDSZAJJ
Reference: Rhino Orphanage Donation or SUF Donation

Or for more information on how you can be apart of this cause, please contact us.


The Race Against Time will not only generate funds that will help with rhino conservation – but is also a direct act of conservation. You will actively participate in the survival of the rhinos.


Your contribution big or small, can be directly allocated to a specific orphan rhino. By getting involved sponsors can visit the orphanage and see for themselves the rhinos and updates will frequently be sent to you or your company.

Possible opportunities for corporate sponsors:

  • Branding rights of event and rhino orphanage
  • Exposure on all social media coverage
  • Exposure on all radio interviews
  • Live tracking of vehicle for supporters to follow the adventure
  • Used as part of their Corporate Social Responsibly strategy
  • PR drive towards sponsors commitment and awareness of the plight of the rhino in SA
  • Options to be involved in the running of the rhino orphanage