The adventure will be 3 friends, 2 continents, 17 countries and 30,000 kilometers there and back.


Our challenge: break the current record from Cape Town to London record route via East Africa.

Grand Total Km


The Challenge

To break the current record from Cape Town to London!


Two Englishmen from the UK currently hold the world record for driving from Cape Town to London in “10 days, 13 hours”.


We intend to bring that record back home and get it done in less than 10 days!

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From Cape Town

Total Africa 10825 km

  • 1922 km Cape Town VA Water front to Musina
  • 1091 km Cross into Zimbabwe and drive via Harare to Chirundu border post and go to Lusaka
  • 1021 km Lusaka via Kabwe, Mpika to Tunduma border post
  • 1221 km Tunduma via Mbeya, Iringa, Dodoma, Arusha to Namanga border post
  • 932 km Namanga via Nairobi, Nanyuki, Isiolo, Marsabit to Moyale border post
  • 1272 km Moyale border via Addis Ababa, Mosa, Adit (eastern route) to Bahir Dar
  • 350 km Bahir Dar via Werda, Addis Zemen, Gondar to Metema/Gallabat border post
  • 1500 km Galabat border to Wadi Halfa via Gedaref, Khartoum, Dongolo
  • 1305 km Wadi Halfa via Abu Simbel, Aswan, Luxor to Cairo
  • 211 km Cairo to Damieta


Total Europe 4406 km

  • Ship from Damieta to Iscanderon Turkey – 24 hours
  • 906 km Iscanderon to Istanbul
  • 3375 km Istanbul via Nuremberg, Maastricht to Calais
  • 125 km Calais to London (AA UK offices)


Here follows a short recap of some of Africa’s motoring pioneers and official record breakers.


The current record for the journey was set in 2013 by Stephen Cooper and Robert Belcher who set out on Friday 4th of October 2013 in a British-made 2005 Land Rover Discovery 3, a 2.7l v6 diesel with only 40,000 miles on the clock. The record: 10 Days 3 Hours 16 Minutes

We look forward to adding another chapter to this story.

Previous record runs from London to Cape Town or Cape Town to London include:

2013: 10 days, 13 hours and 28 minutes

By Philip Young and Paul Brace in an 875cc Fiat Panda driving from Cape Town to London in February 2013.

2010: 11 days, 14 hours and 11 minutes

By Chris Rawlings and Steve MacKenney in a Land Rover Discovery driving from London to Cape Town

1983: 14 days, 19 hours and 26 minutes

By Brigadier John Hemsley and his wife Dr. Lucy Hemsley driving a Range Rover V8 driving from Cape Town to London

1963: 13 days, 8 hours and 48 minutes

By Eric Jackson and Ken Chambers in a Ford Cortina driving from London to Cape Town

1933: 158 days

The first small-car to drive from Liverpool to Cape Town was a Morris Eight convertible driven by Cameron Gilg and Walter Kay.r Kay.